Bianchi Infinito - $2,499.00

We don't know if it's inherent in the culture, or if it's something intrinsic to the language, but Italian speech is rife with hyperbole and colorful idioms. Regardless, we love it. Whether it's the effortless invocation of the Madonna for every possible instance of superlative, or the boundless possibilities of using 'cazzo' as an insult, as praise, or as an ordinary turn of phrase, we're enthralled with the exaggerated, Italian form of rich vulgarity. So, it comes as no surprise that the Bianchi Infinito hails from such a great tradition of linguistic freedom. Translating as 'forever,' the Infinito has been designed to be a more forgiving breed of race bike -- one that outlives your days of carb-counting and five hour roller sessions. We'll admit that getting our meager minds around the concept of infinity has mystified us since we learned about Zeno in Philosophy 101, but in that hyperbolic Italian way, Bianchi feels no compunctions about summoning eternity to make a point about this frame. As the top model in Bianchi's C2C (Coast 2 Coast) lineup, the Infinito was designed to cover long distances with maximum speed and minimum fatigue. In fact, the entire C2C range represents Bianchi's foray into a category of recent frame design which arguably started with the Cervelo RS and now includes the likes of the Roubaix and GF01. These top-tier framesets rethink traditional assumptions about what it means to be a ' racing' bike by focusing on a less stressed rider position and a more relaxed geometry. For the Infinito, this was done by extending the frame's head tube height by around 1.5cm and then lengthening the wheelbase. Meanwhile, Bianchi maintained the traditional head tube angles and fork rake. - $2,499.00