BH BB386 Adapter For Shimano - $50.00

The BB386 bottom bracket system that BH uses on their bikes is a bit of a hybrid in that it uses some familiar dimensions from other systems. The '3' represents 30, the diameter in millimeters of the crank spindle. The '86' is the width in millimeters of the bottom bracket shell. So, it has an oversize 30mm spindle like BB30 systems, yet it has the same bearing width as a pressfit or external bearing Shimano 24mm bottom bracket system. Because of this critical width dimension, you can use any number of cranks with the BB386 frames, including Dura-Ace or Ultegra. You'll simply need to use these BB386 adapters.The BB386 Adapter for Shimano is machined from aluminum alloy for strength and durability, and the bearings are contained within the adapter shell. Simply press the cups into the PF30 bearings in your BB386 frame, and you'll be ready to slide your Shimano crank right through. From there, the crank installation is business as usual. - $50.00