Bern Retro Headphones Cyan - $41.95

Bern Retro Headphones are for a serious audiophile who won't compromise on the quality of the music. The Retro Headphones come standard with 30 millimeter drivers. In addition to the 30 millimeter drivers, Bern Retro Headphones are equipped with an in line microphone. For extra durability the cord on this pair of retro styled headphones is rubberized and extra sturdy. Once you put Bern Retro Headphones on you will probably want to wear them all the time, but for the times you absolutely must take them off the Bern Retro Headphones come with a travel case with zipper.Key Features of the Bern Retro Headphones: Rubberized cord In Line Mic 30mm Drivers Stylish Handmade Fullzip Travel case - $41.95