Bern Baker EPS Wescott Audio Helmet 2013 - $89.94

Bern Baker EPS Wescott Audio Helmet 2013 - Seth Wescott teamed up with Bern to create his own signature helmet. So when you want to protect your head like the pros do, make sure you're wearing a Bern Baker EPS Wescott Audio Helmet. Reliable and strong, its Thinshell construction provides high-impact protection thanks to the expanded polystyrene hard foam interior. Because of the Thinshell design, this helmet is 20% lighter than the previous model. A visor ensures that the sun won't get into your eyes the moment you want to make a jump or pull off a trick. Outfitted with 8tracks, you'll be able to have your own playlist to listen to as you embark on your next series of tricks in the park. There's an adjustable knit interior so that you can have a customized fit and feel good when you're wearing the Bern Baker Wescott Audio Helmet. . Certifications: CPSC, ASTM F 2040, EN1077B and EN1078, Warranty: One Year, Gender: Mens, Special Features: Original Visor Helmet, Race: No, Category: Half Shell, Audio: Comes With, Brim/Visor: Yes, Ventilation: None, Custom Fit Adjustment: Yes, Year Round Capable: Yes, Shell Construction: In Mold, Model Year: 2013, Product ID: 281530 - $89.94