Berkley Fire Shad - (013)Shad/ (021)Firetiger/ (028)Natural Shiner/ (030)Blue Chrome/ (063)Red Perch/ (064)Yellow Perch/ (305)Perch - $2.88

Drives fish wild with a unique action that realistically imitates fleeing baitfish just right for trolling, casting, twitching and fishing as a jerkbait. The weight system allows for accurate, bullet-like casts, and once in the water, it dives quickly, staying in the target strike zone longer. Textured, lifelike finish with 3-D eyes. Clearcoat finish delivers years of reliable service despite heavy use. Found exclusively at Cabelas. Per each. Size: 2-3/4, 5/16 oz. Dives 8-10 ft. Color: (013)Shad, (021)Firetiger, (028)Natural Shiner, (030)Blue Chrome, (063)Red Perch, (064)Yellow Perch, (305)Perch. Color: (013)Shad/ (021)Firetiger/ (028)Natural Shiner/ (030)Blue Chrome/ (063)Red Perch/ (064)Yellow Perch/ (305)Perch. Type: Crankbaits. - $2.88