Berger Match Hybrid Target Bullets - Copper - $38.99

Bergers Target Bullets are trusted and used by competition shooters around the world. Bergers hybrid design blends the best of two worlds by incorporating two different shapes within the nose. As the bearing surface ends, a tangent, pointed arch begins and ends in a secant ogive, resulting in a bullet thats much less sensitive to seating depth. This thicker-jacketed, target-ready bullets very-low drag (VLD) design is less affected by wind for a flatter shot, and allows the sharp nose to penetrate deeply before expanding. After it starts to expand, it sheds 40% to 85% of its weight. The highest-quality copper and lead available are used to make the J4 precision jackets of these match-grade bullets. All Berger jackets, cores and bullets within a given lot are made with one die to guarantee consistency and are precision tooled. Color: Copper. Type: Rifle Bullets. - $38.99