Bell Volt Bike Helmet - $76.83

Whether you're racing against the competition or simply racing against the clock, the Bell Volt helmet delivers aerodynamic, well-ventilated protection. Fusion In-mold technology bonds both the top microshell and bottom wrap to an expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam layer to make a sturdy, solid and protective helmet. Internal composite skeleton provides the strength required for advanced styling, light weight and large vents. 22 deeply sculpted ventilation channels bring cool air in through the front and flush warm air out the back. Twin Access Gear(TM) fit system adjusts to the head both circumferentially and horizontally to accommodate differences in the occipital lobe. Thermodynamic X-Static(TM) padding is quick drying and antimicrobial. Cam-lock(TM) Levers ensure easy strap adjustments. Variable Position Visor(TM) is adjustable and removable for on- or off-road use; visor plugs are provided for a clean look when visor is removed. - $76.83