Beginning And Advanced Retriever Training Videos - $24.88

Learn all the techniques to turn your retriever puppy into a well-trained hunting companion with these videos. Mike Mathiot takes you from the beginning of the training regimen through the final touches. The DVD has both selections on one disc and is set up in a chapter format that permits fast referencing.In Beginning Training for Your Retriever, you'll see Mathiot's step-by-step approach to produce a pup ready for advanced training. It also includes socialization of a puppy; bringing out natural retrieving instincts; obedience; whistle training; water and bird introduction; and beginning steadiness. 46 minutes.Advanced Training for Your Retriever shows training techniques and finishing methods, including completing steadiness to shot; hunting situation retrieves; multiple, blind and long-range retrieves; obedience polishing, and quartering. 46 minutes.Available: DVD. - $24.88