CRKT Onion Skinner - $44.88

Before knife maker Ken Onion decided to design the ultimate skinning knife, he spent more than five years fiel-testing and giving away knife prototypes to guides, professional hunters and taxidermists. The result The CRKT Onion Skinner was Born. The K110 stainless steel blade features a high hollow grind and a durable satin finish. The 3/-tang is surrounded by Twi-Fused scales with a durable Zytel core and a sof-textured TPR exterior for exceptional grip. The supe-thin tip has a convex grind to minimize drag and eliminate the need for detail work with a caping knife. The top of the blade has a pronounced camel hump, allowing you to easily insert the tip under the skin and rock the hand back for easier skinning. Straight section of the tip is set at an offset angle making it a useful utility and cooking tool around camp. Includes a custo-molded leather sheath. Imported.Blade length: -3/4". Overall length: 8". Weight: 3.7 oz. - $44.88