Bear Archery Cheyenne Recurve Bow - $419.88

Back in 2002, the expert father-and-son team, Grant Neil Byce II, Fred Bears retired master bowyer, and Grant Neil Byce III, teamed up to create an instant Bear Archery classic the Cheyenne Recurve Bow. Reminiscent of Freds favorite bows of the early 60s, the Cheyennes two-piece riser is crafted of black and red Dymondwood. The limbs are overlaid with clear maple and backed and faced with high-strength black fiberglass. Handcrafted tips are strengthened with layered fiberglass. Its length is just enough to handle the swept-back limbs, and its half-moon-style grip feels full in your hand. The center-crowned arrow shelf boasts a Bear hair rest and leather sideplate. Includes a Dynaflight 97 Flemish string. Length: 55.Draw weight: 45 lbs. - $419.88