Barronett Big Mike BloodTrail Ground Blind - $159.99

Rather than trying to take an accurate shot while crouching or hunkered in a cramped blind, Big Mike Camo Blinds are engineered for most hunters to shoot while standing up the same way they practice. Spacious ground blind easily accomodates two hunters. 75W x 75D in the middle leaves plenty of room for drawing your bow. Replaceable shoot-through-mesh windows are adjustable from the inside so you remain concealed. Five-hub design for simple setup and takedown. Integrated brush holders for additional concealment. Includes gear pockets, tie-down ropes and ground stakes. Imported.Dimensions: 80H x 59W x 59D.Weight: 19 lbs.Camo pattern: BloodTrail. Type: Hub Blinds. Ground Blind Type: Hub Blinds. - $159.99