Barnett Vortex H2O Bowfishing Kit - Blue - $159.99

View the line of Barnett Crossbows products. Extend your fishing season with Barnetts Vortex H2O Bowfishing Kit thats the perfect size and weight not to mention price to get into this growing, popular sport. Designed to fit and grow with the archer, the Vortex H2O has an adjustable draw weight of 31 to 45 lbs. and adjustable draw length of 26-5/8 to 28. It comes standard with ATA/AMO specs, and ships with the sight and rest. Aluminum riser with high-definition Reaper H2O finish. 60 to 70% let-off. Right hand only. Barnett Vortex H2O Bowfishing Package includes: Vortex H2O bow, sight and rest (arrows sold separately). Color: Blue. Type: Bowfishing Bows & Packages. - $159.99