Barnett BCXtreme Crossbow Package Cabela's Exclusive - Camo - $799.99

View the line of Barnett Crossbows products. Compact, lightweight and perfectly balanced, the Cabelas-exclusive BCXtreme fires bolts at a scorching 365 fps. Includes the crank cocking device installed from the factory (a $99.99 value). The ultralight Carbonlite Riser shifts balance away from the riser and back to the shooters shoulder for improved stability. With a 13-3/8 power stroke, this crossbow produces 118 ft.-lbs. of kinetic energy, plenty of power for taking down the largest game. Anti-Dry-Fire trigger system prevents dry fires. Crosswire string and cable system for consistent shot placement. CNC-machined-aluminum flight track and Picatinny rail. High-definition camo finish. Speed: 365 fps. Power stroke: 13-3/8. Draw weight: 185 lbs. Length: 35-1/2. Width: 19-7/8. Weight: 7.1 lbs. BCXtreme Crossbow Package includes: crossbow, quiver, three 20 bolts, 3x32 scope, sling and cocking device installed. Color: Camo. Type: Crossbow Packages. - $799.99