Banshee Bungee 20' Board Bungee Package - $229.99

One 20ft Bungee + 1 Handle + One 30ft Lead Line Stretching Up to 140 feet, the 20-foot long Bungee can launch any boarder across any surface: asphalt, metal, snow, sand, water, etc. This is the preferred bungee for skim, skate and snow. You can double it up for more speed, shorten it in tight areas by simply tying it off around you anchor point. the 20 footer is the only bungee that will work for water applications. The 3-strand braided design prevents snapback, and the vulcanized latex rubber provides up to 7 times its length stretching capabilities. Capable of launch speeds approaching 35 mph, Our Bungee beats any drop-in or car tow-in possibility, not to mention the escapability of the 5-0! Keep in mind, The bungee is modular. For a faster pull, hook 2 side-by-side. for a longer ride, hook 2 end-to-end. - $229.99