Beater T-Shirt - Short-Sleeve - Men's - $20.95

In need of no real introduction, the Men's Beater T-Shirt only has one thing to say: 'If you fall in the lift line because your wireless cell phone headset falls out of your football jacket on a powder day, be prepared to get trampled.' We all know the guy (or gal) of which the Beater Shirt speaks; it's Johnny From Da' Shore, with more ice around his neck than a frozen waterfall and more blue in his jeans than the Atlantic. He might know where the stunt ditch is located, he always knows where the bahh is, and ultimately you'll find him trading stock while he sits on the can. We tip our hats to you Mr. Beater, for you have shown us the promised land of beaterdom, and although it seems a magical place, rather than visit, we choose simply to honor it with this fine cotton shirt. - $20.95