Backcountry Access Essentials Package - $299.95

Besides experience and training, staying safe in avalanche terrain hinges on a trifecta of gear: beacon, probe, and shovel. Backcountry Access took all the guesswork out of assembling such a kit and outfitted the Essentials Package with all three tools. Inside, you'll find the most widely used beacon on the market, the Tracker DTS, the best-selling B-1 Ext shovel with extending handle, and the lightning-fast assemble 240 Probe. Whether you're a novice taking his or her first steps beyond the rope or you're a seasoned vet looking for simplicity and reliability, this package contains everything you need to locate a burial victim quickly, find and mark the burial beneath feet of snow, and then save a life by digging deep and fastthat's the trifecta at work. - $299.95