Avid X0 Disc Brake - $208.21

If highly adjustable seats, tilt and telescoping steering wheel, a sun roof, and all the other bells and whistles are your cup-o-tea, then the Avid XO Trail brakes aren't what you want. If a gutted interior, roll-up plexiglass windows, and an engine that wails in want are your idea of a good time, then Avid's X0 Disc Brakes will fit the bill. These are brakes designed for raceday -- they're light, simple, and powerful. The X0 builds on the existing two-piston, two-piece caliper from previous X0 brakes, but it now has an updated lever assembly. It continues to utilize Avid's Taperbore technology to offer progressive modulation, but in the spirit of weight reduction, it forgoes the pad contact adjustment. You can still adjust reach to place the carbon lever in the most ergonomic position. Unlike the Trail lever, though, this model rotates around a hollow pivot and bushing instead of a bearing and solid pivot assembly. These two features alone drop the system's weight to just over 300 grams, without sacrificing performance. At the caliper end of things, Avid continues to employ its proven two-piston units. They're constructed from forged aluminum for stiffness and cooling efficiency, and it uses a banjo fitting for the braided polyester hose. This allows clean routing on the majority of frame designs with standard post mounts. Speaking of clean aesthetics, the X0 brakes are fully compatible with Matchmaker to offer ergonomic and space saving mounting for compatible remotes and shifters. The Avid X0 Disc Brake comes with either a polished aluminum or black finish. Front and rear brakes are sold separately, and rotor sizes are 160, 180, or 200mm. - $208.21