Avian-X AXP Full-Body Canada Goose Decoys - $219.99

This is the end result of more than a decade of research and refinement by nationally renowned goose hunter Fred Zink and world-champion decoy carver Rick Johannsen. Their ultimate decoy creation takes a goose spread to another realm of realism. Dead-on colors, amazing feather detail and precise body postures flat-out duplicate live geese. Avian-X decoys are so detailed they even mimic male, female, dominant and subdominant birds. This attention to detail harnesses the power of individual-goose realism, turning a decoy spread into a lifelike flock. Best of all, Avian-X decoys are exceptionally durable. Theyre made of advanced plastics with the perfect amount of all-temperature, impact-absorbing flexibility. Seamless heads and a direct-connect head-attachment system eliminate splitting. Feature oversized square retractable motion bases. Their custom-style paint jobs will surpass any production decoys ever created. Incredibly rugged, theyll withstand the throw-and-go style of many hunters individually bagging decoys isnt needed for these extremely realistic workhorses. All heads are attached at the factory. Per 6. Available: Feeder Pack: Includes two walking feeder bodies (28-1/2L x 10-1/2W x 14-3/4H), two short-neck feeder bodies (31-1/2L x 10-1/2W x 14-3/4H) and two stretch-neck feeder bodies (26L x 10-1/2W x 14-3/4H). Walker Pack: Includes six walker decoys (24L x 10-1/2W x 14-3/4H) with two juvenile heads, two relaxed female heads, one active female head and one active male head. Sentry Pack: Includes three sentry bodies (27L x 10-1/2W x 14-3/4H) and three lookout bodies (34L x 10-1/2W x 14-3/4H) with one aggressive male head, one male short-neck head, one female caller head, one male - $219.99