Avenir Solo Trailer with Stroller Kit - 2012 Closeout - $199.73

The Avenir Solo bike trailer with stroller kit makes it easy to take your child along for the bike ride, and it converts to a stroller when you want to explore on foot. Anodized aluminum frame offers exceptional durability; all-season top cover includes a safety screen to block any grit coming off your bike tires. Built-in seat accommodates one child; weight limit is 77 lbs. Foldable tow bar quickly attaches to your bike frame. Attach the 16 in. front wheel when you're using the trailer as a stroller. Use the push bar with foam padding and safety wrist strap for a comfortable grip when pushing as stroller; wrist strap keeps the stroller from getting away. Hand brake on the push bar helps you maintain control of the stroller when you're going down hills. Use the parking brake by the right wheel to keep the stroller from rolling away when it's parked. 20 in. rear wheels quickly detach when placing the trailer in the back of your car for transport. Includes a safety flag. Closeout. - $199.73