Atomic Vasa Race Skate Ski - $329.95

You crave acceleration and efficiency from your skate ski, but you don't necessarily want to dedicate every ounce of energy to racing. The Atomic Vasa Race Skate Ski gives you a way to experience top-tier performance without the unforgiving attitude that often comes with purebred race skis. That being said, the Vasa Race does share a fast base index and racing profile with its big brother, the Worldcup Skate Hard Track, but that's where the technical similarities end. The Vasa, at its core, is lightweight and snappy enough to propel you forward without throwing you backwards if you happen to botch your form just a little from stride to stride. Compared to Atomic's Sport skate skis, the Vasa is an entire tier up in terms of performance, and you'll find that the Vasa feels much more responsive and quick underfoot. If you're an ambitious skate skier, you will find this a balanced ski that allows you to work out the kinks in your form and open it up on the straightaways from time to time. - $329.95