Atomic Team Skate Ski - $160.96

The Team Skate Ski is firmly planted at the top of Atomic's Sport Skate line of Nordic skate skis. Lighter and slightly more aggressive than its two lower-tier counterparts, the Pro Skate and Sport Skate, this ski offers enhanced performance while still maintaining an air of forgiveness. The Team Skate shares an efficient Base Index 3000 base finish and tapered sidecut with the other Sport series skis, but it differs slightly in terms of tail width and core material. The low-density Speedcell Core elevates the rebound and weight balance so you get all the acceleration you need without leaving the Team Skate to feel twitchy or too sensitive underfoot. If you're an ambitious skate skier who prefers both speed and comfort, this is an ideal choice for a couple of hours on the track. - $160.96