Atomic Sport Skate Boot - $123.47

While the Atomic Sport Skate Boot does borrow performance features like precision and control from its big brother (the Sport Pro Skate boot), it also takes comfort into account. Its Sport Fit measures 104mm compared to the 102mm High-Performance Fit of the race and performance boots, and it trades a ratcheting buckle cuff closure in favor of a more flexible hook-and-loop power strap. All together, this results in a boot that provides direct power transfer from ankle to toes and delivers a fit that's snug enough around the mid and forefoot without feeling restrictive. And at just 22 grams heavier than the WorldCup Skate boot (the fully race-bred boot at the top of the performance tier), the Sport Skate is still light enough to let you move fast.And what of the flex' The Sport Skate Boot features a skate-specific flex that's more rigid than a classic flex but more forgiving than a full-blown race-style design. Atomic designed this boot as such because it understood that you want a boot for enjoying the ride and simply working up a sweat, but one that will still deliver power and support your foot when you try your hand at an all-out sprint. - $123.47