Atomic Pro Skate Ski - $132.96

At its heart, the design of the Atomic Pro Skate Ski is all about predictability and balance so you can hit the snow and feel confident on this ski while you get a fast-moving workout. In Atomic's lineup of Sport Skis, the Pro Skate is second in line from the top. It boasts a lightweight, single-density core with enough snap to move you forward when you want to go fast and enough consistency so you'll never feel surprised by the rebound. Less aggressive than the Team Skate and more aggressive than the Sport Skate, the Pro Skate's sidecut gives you precise control over your ski when you're skating or transitioning between strides on the snow. Leave the WorldCup skis and the lightening-fast-but-unforgiving performance shapes to the podium-chasers, because with the Pro Skate, you get quickness and comfort. This ski features flat-mount binding compatibility so you can pick and choose from Atomic's lineup of SNS bindings, or use a third-party NNN binding of your choice. - $132.96