Atomic Pilot Sport Skate Ski Binding - $45.47

It's easy to put all your faith in your ski or your boot, but the glue that sticks these two pieces of gear together shouldn't be taken lightly. Atomic designed the Pilot Sport Skate Binding to balance performance with security while making it easier than ever to connect to your ski thanks to the auto-engaging toe piece. Pegging a weight that's exactly equal with the Atomic Pilot Race Skate binding, this binding feels similar underfoot when you're gliding but, when you're skating, you'll notice that the Pilot Sport is actually moderately stiffer. As a result, this binding has a reduced flex that gives you a stable platform underfoot, which is ideal when you're dialing in your poling technique and you find yourself more than a little off balance.Binding performance isn't all about plate stiffness, of course. The Pilot Sport also utilizes a unique, two-axis binding-to-boot connection system shared by the entire Atomic performance and sport family: a full-length guide ridge, and a rearset toe pivot. Although not all of the bindings share a rigid second link in the aforementioned dual axis system, the Sport does, and this rigid link ensures maximum influence over torsional rigidity. Combine this improved rigidity with the advantage in ski control offered by the guide ridge underfoot and the benefit of the natural foot roll encouraged by the rearset pivot point, and you have a binding that helps you get the most out of your sport or performance ski. - $45.47