Atomic Live Fit 80 Ski Boots - Men's - 2012/2013 - $179.83

Conforming to the shape of your foot, the men's Atomic Live Fit 80 ski boots increase your comfort whether walking to the lodge or cruising down fast runs. Bi-component shell features specialized flex zones that adapt instantly to the shape of your foot. Located between the first buckle and the toe, these zones feature soft plastic that improves balance, circulation, warmth and sensitivity-they make happy feet! Liners feature differing materials on the left and right; firm material helps you feel the terrain on inside of turn and soft material cushions recovery. Custom-moldable liners feature very warm, soft interiors to enhance comfort. Toe boxes reduce hot spots and increase comfort with 4-way stretch. Foot-wrapping, 2 buckle design makes it simple to get your feet into boots, and a 35mm powerstraps act as a third buckle. Cushioning footbeds offer furnacelike warmth and cloudlike softness. Grip plates use dual-density material to increase traction on slippery terrain. Flex index of 80 offers the comfortable performance preferred by intermediate skiers. The Atomic Live Fit 80 ski boots feature 102 - 106mm wide footbeds. - $179.83