Atomic D2 VF 73 Skis with XTO 12 Smartrak Bindings - $399.95

Atomic D2 VF 73 Skis with XTO 12 Smartrak Bindings - The D2 VF 73 was built to be a tool for beginner and intermediate skiers to break out of the cruiser mold and learn to properly carve their skis. By using double deck, or D2, technology Atomic was able to make the VF 73 have a very dynamic and progressive flex that sort of adapts to whatever turn shape and speed you happen to be skiing at. As a result the VF 73 is comfortable sliding and cruising along but when you speed up and tilt the VF 73 on to edge it becomes a completely different ski hooking up and pulling through the turn. By using a Denoslite core the VF 73 is very light and easy to put on edge as well so not only does it help once you are on edge it helps you get there. In addition to the D2 construction the addition of Smartrak binding integration and the slim 73mm waist give extra power and control to the skier to make the VF 73 less fatiguing. While the D2 VF 73 is the perfect ski to help more timid or new skiers push their ability it also works wonders for more casual advanced skier who prefer hard packed and groomed terrain. So, not only with the D2 VF 73 give you all the support to help improve your skiing it has enough guts to stick around once you get there. . Actual Turn Radius @ Specified Length: 13.5m (@ 159cm), Warranty: One Year, Construction Type: Cap, Core Material: Composite, Base Material: Sintered, Special Features: D2 Varioflex Construction, Special Features: Smartrak Binding Integration, Used: No, Titanium: No, Turn Radius: 11-15, Skill Range: Ad - $399.95