Atomic Burner 110 Ski Boots - $219.95

Atomic Burner 110 Ski Boots - The Atomic Burner 110 Ski Boots are your all-mountain boot designed for the skier who really knows their way around the mountain. For advanced skiers, these Burners are made with a stable inside face which will allow the skier to increase the pressure on the ski through every turn and maximize edge grip giving you a truly performance-driven boots to conquer the terrain. For comfort, the Burners are made with a Live Fit Zone on the outside of the boot which helps your feet remain in a natural and more comfortable position and alleviates any pain from pressure points. This feature will give you more balance and stability even as your hard-charging the mountain at high speeds. Skywalk Rubber makes these boot the ideal choice when you're on ridge lines and helicopter skids giving you a secure grip. Technology driven to give you a high-performance boot for all of your all-mountain adventures, the Atomic Burner 110 Ski Boots will have you skiing at your best every time you head out to the mountain. . Actual Flex: 100, Cuff Alignment: None, Warranty: One Year, Special Features: Enduro Chassis, Ski Boot Width: Narrow (95-99mm), Special Features: Skywalk Rubber Soles, Flex: Medium, Used: No, Ski/Walk: No, Prewired For Heat: No, Number of Micro Buckles: 4, Forefoot Width: 98mm at Reference Size 26.5, Flex Adjustment: No, Buckle Count: 4, Buckle Material: Aluminum, Category: Downhill, Ski Gear Intended Use: All Mountain, Instep Height: High, Calf Volume: Medium, Skill Range: Advanced In - $219.95