Atn Nv-560 Nightvision Binoculars - $349.88

If you want technologically advanced Nightvision binoculars, look no further. The ATN Night Scouts are so-called "Smart" binoculars. They come with a high resolution 1st generation intensifier tube, which gives you a light amplification of 35,000 max. The computerized proximity sensor, when activated, turns the unit on when in viewing position and off when not. The heavy-coated 90mm glass lenses allow for optimum clarity and distance viewing. The best part is that if there is no light to amplify, you can cut through the darkness with the help of the infrared illuminator. These nightvision binos are great for viewing animals without needing a spotlight. The 5x magnification brings images in close and the optical clarity of the unit makes using them a joy. - $349.88