AT Paddles Xception Superlight 2-Piece Carbon Paddle Bent Shaft - $465.00

By virtue of pinnacle design and high-end materials, some paddles simply rise above the rest. The AT Paddles Xception Superlight 2-Piece Carbon Paddle does just that, offering supreme power and stiffness in package that's so feathery light you'll quickly forget you're holding this carbon masterpiece in hand. Unmatched in AT's lineup of Elite touring paddles, the Xception stands alone with its full carbon-braid construction. With a single, unibody design from blade tip to ferrule, there are no seams or junctions to rob this paddle of stiffness or power. Unlimited feather adjustment allows you to precisely dial each blade angle to match your paddling style, a vital and necessary feature to maximum comfort and efficiency over the long haul. Although this paddle is top-shelf by almost every standard, the Xception rewards a range of stroke types and either a high or low style. Wrap your fingers around this performance tool, dip the blade into the ocean or lake, and begin your tour across long stretches of coastline or inland waters. - $465.00