Astral Buoyancy Sea Wolf Personal Flotation Device - $185.95

Since its creation in 2002, Astral Buoyancy has expanded its gaze far beyond the rocky shores of the North Carolina rivers, and the Sea Wolf Personal Flotation Device is proof. More than just a whitewater PFD made lighter and longer, the Sea Wolf has a unique flotation platform created specifically for long-distances paddlers who need comfort and mobility. On the outside, you'll find an array of fit adjustments, hand-warmer pockets, and a large chest panel that serves as a veritable toolbox for all your small essentials. And on the inside (and we mean inside the structure itself), a pair of foam flotation panels, one articulated chest panel, and one fixed torso panel ensure predictable flotation while freeing your upper body to move as it must. As an added touch, Astral's designers released this PFD in either low-key black or high-visibility red and gave both colorways the classic red-green chroma combo so recognizable to boaters.Among Astral's lineup, the Sea Wolf is the only dedicated sea-kayaking PFD, but it does share the Foam Tectonics (the articulated flotation panels mentioned above) with the whitewater-rescue piece, the Astral Buoyancy GreenJacket. Rich in features and versatile in fit, the Sea Wolf can accommodate either a male or female paddler looking to leave the coastline far behind. - $185.95