Assos Chamois Cream - $22.94

Assos Chamois Cream will change your life. It eliminates the abrasive feeling of a sweaty chamois, but it does so without making you feel like you're slipping all over the chamois. You can bid farewell to friction between your body and your shorts, but your favorite shorts will still conform to you like a glove. Bear one important fact in mind: This cream isn't just for Assos shorts, it's for any brand shorts with any type of chamois. Did you watch "The Lance Chronicles'" Did you see how Lance slathered the daylights out of his Nike bib shorts (made by Giordana, in case you were curious) with Assos cream' Quite an impressive endorsement.A tip for Chamois Cream usage: Apply it to your skin, not to the chamois itself. It's not bad to put it on the chamois, but by applying it directly to your mortal coil it'll ensure that the cream reaches all of your personal nooks and crannies.Assos tells you this on the label: The cream is specificially formulated for both real and synthetic chamois. It has 100% natural ingredients. It prolongs chamois life, prevents bacterial and fungal infections that cause saddle sores, and keeps you cool by reducing friction. Please Note: Assos has made a change to eliminate parabens and color additives in the formula. So rather than being the light blue Klinik, your favorite chamois cream is now... cream colored. Don't worry, everything you love about it has remained the same, and they didn't take out the tingle. 140ml jar. - $22.94