Arundel Gecko Bar Tape - $16.16

New handlebar tape is one of the simple joys of cycling. It looks nice, feels softer, seems to make you faster. We've long been lovers of simple cork tape, but the newer polymer tapes are intriguing for their weather-resistance and durability. Arundel's Gecko Bar Tape is one of these polymer tapes. You'll find it lays a little flatter, and feels a little thinner than a traditional cork tape, but at the same time, provides a very sticky, tenacious grip. It's an ideal tape for those of us in wetter climates. The Arundel Gecko Bar Tape is available in Black, Fur Black, Blue, Yellow, Red, and White to let you match it to your saddle, or to complement your frame. Each package includes enough to wrap one road handlebar, and it has an adhesive backing for easy and secure wrapping. - $16.16