ArmourBite(R) Mouthwear Performance Pack - $49.99

WHY WE MADE IT: Gritting your teeth and clenching your jaw during strenuous exertion can kill your performance. Not in our house. The patented UA ArmourBite(R) Power Wedges(TM) technology in our mouthwear repositions and realigns your jaw to reduce the negative effects of clenching your jaw. It's scientifically proven to increase power, airflow, energy-even focus. We built this edge into our mouthguard for contact sports. And we brought that same innovation to athletes in non-impact sports with our unique mouthpiece. With the ArmourBite(R) Mouthwear Performance Pack, you get them both. Keep pushing your hardest-we'll make sure it never works against you. Most athletes clench their jaws when they're training hard or competing. It's a natural response-but one that hurts performance. UA's ArmourBite(R) Performance Pack brings athletes patented jaw-positioning technology that maximizes air intake to increase endurance and improve your reaction time by up to 12%. With ArmourBite(R), your body will produce up to 25% less energy-sapping lactic acid so you can deliver an up to 20% stronger performance. Give your training or game-day routine a boost that's been scientifically proven. You just need to prove it to yourself. Performance Pack includes ArmourBite(R) Mouthpiece, ArmourBite(R) Mouthguard, and UA Mouthguard StrapGenerally, size MD = Youth (age 8-12) and size LG = Adult (age 13+)Patented technology pivots your jaw to optimal position to improve performance by increasing airflow and reducing cortisol levelsArmourBite(R) Mouthguard protects during full-contact sports while improving your performanceArmourBite(R) Mouthpiece improves strength and stamina during non-contact sports and trainingUA Mouthguard Strap keeps your ArmourBite(R) Mouthguard attached securely to your helmetScientifically proven in independent, peer-reviewed studies - $49.99