ArmourBite(R) Mouthpiece - $29.99

WHY WE MADE IT: Serious athletes look for an edge wherever they can get one. You know, that little tweak that can be the difference between a decent performance and a personal best. How does a 20% reduction in the cortisol that you know can suck the life out of your performance strike you? How about increased airflow, providing more oxygen for better strength, better speed, better focus? The low-profile ArmourBite(R) Mouthpiece is the edge you've been looking for. The ArmourBite(R) Mouthpiece with patented ArmourBite(R) Power Wedges(TM) pivots your jaw forward when you run, lift, train. Why? To reduce your body's production of performance-sapping cortisol, while also maximizing air intake to increase your endurance and improve your strength, speed, and reaction time. UA's patented T-Bar Grip Fit System custom-fits the mouthpiece only on your lower teeth, which allows you to speak freely while it's in. Power, performance, and another game-changing innovation from Under Armour(R). Generally, size MD = Youth (age 8-12) and size LG = Adult (age 13+)Made for non-contact sports, such as golf, tennis, weight training, and baseballComfortable, form-fitting EVA around single-shot ArmourBite(R) Power Wedges(TM)Reduces the effects of cortisol-a performance-sapping hormone that's released when under stressPatented T-Bar Grip Fit System for enhanced comfort and retentionImproves strength, endurance, and reaction timeReduces athletic stress, fatigue, and distractionScientifically proven in independent, peer-reviewed studiesWorn on lower teethLow-profile design has minimal to no impact on normal speechIncludes fitting tool - $29.99