Armasight Nightvision Clip-On X Riflescope System - $1,695.00

The Cabelas Exclusive Armasight CO-X is a clip-on midrange nightvision system that converts your day scope into a nightvision wonder. Easily mounts in front of scopes via the unique clip-on system thats been boresighted to tolerances of less than 1-MOA no rezeroing required. A wireless remote-control unit can be placed anywhere on your rifle for convenient activation. Other features include a fast Catadioptric front lens system, variable gain control, bright-light cut-off system, low-battery indicator and quick-release mount. Powered by one 1.5-volt AA or 3-volt lithium battery (not included). Two-year manufacturers warranty. Available: Gen 2+ SD Gen 2+ QS Gen 3 Ghost Due to popular demand from our varmint-hunting customers, we have found some of the best nightvision riflescopes available. Cabelas does not condone the use of these products for illegally taking big-game animals after legal shooting hours. Check local game laws for legality in your area. Type: Night Vision Riflescopes. - $1,695.00