Armada Represent Fleece Hoodie Black - $35.95

The Armada Represent Fleece Hoodie is a new innovative fleece, that will have you warm in even the roughest weather. This hoodie is designed to withstand the coldest temperature and is the warmest of any hoodie on the market. The Armada Represent Hoodie is made from 360 grams of smooth standard fleece which is designed to keep the warmth in. This guarantees you the best quality material for your hoodie. This material also allows you to wear it in non-chilling weather without getting too hot. The nice thing about this hoodie is the pockets on the side. These are designed to keep your hands very warm during cold weather but also have a zip which you can zip up if the pockets aren''t needed. This is by far the best hoodie on the market!Key Features of the Armada Represent Fleece Hoodie: Standard Fleece 360g Full zip Adjustable hood Hand-warmer pocket with zipper - $35.95