Arbor Push Snowboard - Women's - 2012/2013 - $275.83

The Arbor Push snowboard provides a surflike ride that is ready for all-mountain terrain. This directional board has a medium flex and provides energetic initiation, reliable control and the ability to express a clean line in all conditions. Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council for sustainable production, this core is the most versatile core made by Arbor, offering reliable return and durability. Bamboo power plies act like a third layer of fiberglass to structurally enhance the board; this composite layer maximizes return and improves durability. ABS/urethane blend sidewall construction provides maximum durability and excellent edge control. Board's core profile is slightly thinner and tapered in between the bindings to enhance mountain and park performance. High-load glassing (triax over biax) provides the best on-edge performance for pipes, corners, steeps, carving and speed. Topsheet features a protective ultrathin finish, made from a castor-bean-based bio-plastic, that guards against damage caused by loose bindings and unforeseen impacts. Durable and highly-porous sintered base lowers friction between board and snow, keeping you moving fast in all types of conditions; stone-ground finish is ride ready. Steel edges are 60% recycled material and offer maximum durability and performance. Arbor Push snowboard artwork by Rachel Kim. . - $275.83