Arbor GB Sizzler Complete Longboard - $119.96

Arbor GB Sizzler Complete Longboard - Designed with a wide profile and a tight wheelbase the Arbor GB Sizzler Complete Longboard is a sized down swallowtail. This longboard was designed with more room in the tail so that your back foot will get better contact and improved comfort. This board is perfect for tight down the line slashes. The wood construction of this board makes it lightweight and comes with a Lucid grip and water based finishes that won't pollute the air that we breathe. Recycled plastic risers on the GB Sizzler also adds to the environmentally friendly traits of this complete longboard. . Bearing Type: ABEC 5, Wheel Size: 63mm, Truck Width: Gullwing Pro III 8.75, Deck Width: 9.00in, Deck Length: 31.70in, Model Year: 2012, Product ID: 283984 - $119.96