Aqua-Bound Eagle Ray Posi-Lok Kayak Paddle - Carbon Shaft - $111.93

The Eagle Ray Posi-Lok kayak paddle is nicely matched to today's sea kayaks. Its lightweight carbon-fiber shaft is easy on the shoulders and wrists, helping you cover serious mileage. Simple, intuitive and strong, the Posi-Lok(R) ferrule uses a 2-button release to detach and adjust feather angle. To join, simply slide the Posi-Lok ferrule together and listen for the audible "click". Posi-Lok resists corrosion and completely eliminates play between each piece of the paddle. Feathering is adjustable in the increments of 0 / 15 / 30 / 45 / 60deg right or left. Lightweight carbon shaft provides low swing weight and slight flex, promoting a comfortable experience in the cockpit from launch until takeout. Smooth, flutter-free bite and pull with an asymmetrical dihedral blade face optimized for the low-angle paddling style. Fiberglass-reinforced nylon blades provide excellent durability when pushing off rocks or barnacles. Comes with rubber drip rings to keep water away from hands and lap. - $111.93