Angus MacKirk Gold Trap Sluice Boxes - $119.99

This innovative sluice is widely known for its unmatched ability to capture hard-to-find fine gold thanks to a unique dual-flair design. Constrictions near the ramp slow water flow, then widen out to cause a quick, drastic drop in water pressure. This allows heavier precious metals to fall into the riffles and get captured where it can be recovered easily. Two-step ramp riffles capture more fine gold. Struts across the sluice serve as a bridge for rock weights. Handy carrying handles. Available: Scout - Dimensions: 20-1/2L x 7-1/2W x 2-3/4D; Weight: 1.13 lbs. Boss - Dimensions: 36L x 15-3/4W x 4-1/4D; Weight: 5 lbs. Forman - Dimensions: 29-1/4L x 13W x 3D; Weight: 3.5 lbs. Recon - Dimensions: 27-1/2L x 9W x 3-1/4D; Weight: 2.25 lbs. Color: Gold. - $119.99