Analog Integrate Flannel Infrared - $68.95

Don't fear the bone biting, skin burning, eye freezing cold when you've got your Analog Integrate Flannel on. The Integrate Flannel is perfectly designed to get you through those blinding blizzards unscathed. The lightweight design makes sure you don't break down from exhaustion midway in your journey. The fleece hood keeps your decision maker (your noggin intact and on top of its game to get you home safely. Don't make the silly mistake of leaving home without your Analog Integrate Flannel.Key Features of the Analog Integrate Flannel: Poly Brushed Flannel Yarn Dye Plaid Lightweight & Insulative Flannel Fabric Created By Hollow Yarns With Mechanical Stretch & Moisture Wicking Fleece Hood With Adjustable Snaps And Rib Cuffs With Thumbholes Team Fit - $68.95