Analog Citizen Flannel Moon Blue - $77.95

For anyone looking for skater wear that you can put on and go to the office, or out to a party, we recommend checking out the newest piece from Analog: the Citizen Flannel. As the name suggests, this is made for the everyday citizen, while going a step beyond something that your average citizen would wear. What do we mean Well, start with the material: herringbone plaid with 100 gm poly insulation isn't something that you see very often. And the DWR canvases along with the elbow pads make this a very sturdy flannel. So stop reading already and pick up an Analog Citizen today. Poly Flannel Yarn Dye "Herringbone" Plaid With 100Gm Poly Insulation Lightweight & Insulative Flannel Fabric Created By Hollow Yarns With A Dwr Exterior Finish Sturdy Dwr Canvas On Back Rear And Elbow Pads For Reinforcement With An Onion Quilted Taffeta Lining Team Fit - $77.95