Amphipod ArmPod SmartView for Smartphones - $35.00

Going for a run or walk? Choose the Amphipod ArmPod SmartView(TM) armband to hold your iPhone(R), iPod touch(R), Motorola Droid(TM) or similarly sized smartphone or digital music player. Slip your smartphone into the easy-access main pocket via the secure zipper; fits phones and digital music players up to 5.5 x 3.25 in. Protective clear View-Thru(TM) front panel allows full screen access and touch control of your device. Large separated internal compartment holds extras. Remove the case from the armband and you can attach it to any 1.5 - 2 in. waistbelt. The Amphipod ArmPod SmartView armband adjusts to fit arms 8 - 15 in. in circumference. - $35.00