AlumiGlo SuperBrite Fish Light - Green (12 INCH) - $99.99

The 12-volt LED power of the AlumiGlo SuperBrite Fish Light isperfect for those who are passionate about fishing, gigging, shrimping or bullynetting after the sun has gone down. Internally weighted, no added weights are required. Built for both fresh and saltwater use, they provide a four-sided 360 radius of green light that is sure to bring the catch of the night. Comes with battery clips and 12-volt power outlet attachments for versatile options. Low-amp draw allows for use with 12-volt batteries of any size. Heavy-duty all-aluminum construction. High-power LEDs last for up to 50,000 hours. Sizes: 12, 24, 48. Size: 12 INCH. Color: Green. Type: Fishing Lights. - $99.99