Altra Lone Peak 1.5 Trail Running Shoe - Men's - $114.95

Utah plays host to hundreds of miles of trails that sweep through some of the rockiest, toughest mountains in the Rockies. As a brand based in Utah, Altra couldn't ignore the opportunity to create a shoe specifically focused on this terrain, and thus, the Men's Lone Peak 1.5 Trail Running Shoe was born. Like Altra's entire line of running shoes, the Lone Peak features a foot-shaped profile and zero-drop design. Where it differs is in its added support and aggressiveness. The toothy outsole digs into the dirt, collar cushioning protects your ankle, the forefoot includes a rigid rock guard, and the heel features an extended section of outsole that Altra calls the TrailRudder. This is a zero-drop mountain shoe for running the Wasatch 100 or training on the rugged hills behind your house. - $114.95