Alpinestars A-Line Jersey - Long-Sleeve - Men's - $59.95

Alpinestars named the A-Line Jersey after one of the most famous trails in mountain biking. A-Line features huge berms, mind-blowing tabletops and a flow that only the folks at Whistler could put together. To live up to this name, the Alpinestars A-Line Jersey had to be pretty tough. And it is. Alpinestars designed the A-Line Jersey to be used in hot weather. The spandex/synthetic blend stretches for an unlimited range of motion. You won't ever feel the A-Line bind up while you ride. This also adds to the jersey's durability, because it stretches rather than tears. The synthetic fabric pulls moisture away from your body to keep you dry and comfortable, even in the heat of the summer. Alpinestars also added cooling mesh panels on the sides that push hot, stale air out and allow fresh, cool air to flow in and around your torso.The A-Line Jersey was designed to fit over pads and body armor. It accommodates elbow and spine protectors comfortably, so you can stay well-protected while you ride without feeling like your jersey is trying to squeeze you to death. Unlike most freeride jerseys, the A-Line also takes aerodynamics into account, so you can ride as efficiently as possible when the wind kicks up and tries to slow you down. Silicone gripper printing along the back hem keeps the jersey in place when you have it tucked into your hem. The Alpinestars A-Line Jersey comes in Violet/white, Blue Marine/white, Yellow Fluo/white, Red/black, and Gray/black and is available in sizes Small to XX-Large. - $59.95