Alpina Velocity Skate Ski - $126.75

Alpina makes a range of sport performance skis for skate skiers who want significantly more forgiveness than the fast-but-unrelenting performance of a purebred race ski. The Velocity Skate Ski is Alpina's second-tier, entry-level skate ski, just one step above the Action Skate ski. And while the Velocity shares the same wood core, cap-style construction, and P-Tex 2000 base with the Action, the Velocity features thinner overall width and a tapered tip that reduces swing weight and allows for a smoother tip release. These two details elevate this ski closer to its lighter, faster big brother, the Astra SK NIS, without making it a ski that has to be wrangled at every step. At its heart, the Velocity is all about maintaining a consistent and predictable level of performance that allows you to enjoy your skiing experience while you get a workout on the snow. - $126.75