Alpina Action Skate Ski - $119.25

One of Alpina's more reliable and predictable skate skis is the Action Skate. It's ideal for recreational skate skiers and skiers looking for an affordable way to get into skate skiing. Wood core construction means ultimate durability and predictable performance from tip to tail, and the single-material core construction means a consistent, no-surprises flex. The 45mm tip, waist, and tail width eliminates the need to maintain the near-perfect technique required by the deep sidecut of a more race-oriented ski. And unlike the Velocity Skate ski (one step up) or the Acadia SK NIS ski (a top-tier performance build), the build and shape characteristics of the Action lend it a level of on- or off-trail versatility not otherwise found in Alpina's Sport Performance Nordic skis. Even if you decide to upgrade from the Action eventually, it's the ideal choice for a ski that can be passed between generations of skate skiers as they learn and progress.Alpina/Rotefella offers a range of NNN bindings and boots that can be mounted to the flat-mount profile of this ski. Consider the NNN R3 for the highest level of NNN binding performance or look towards the NNN T3 auto manual for a more all-round, recreational binding option. If you're looking at boots, the ASK is a sport boot that balances comfort and performance well, and the ACL boot is its softer-flex counterpart. - $119.25