Alp-n-Rock High Altitude Long Sleeve T-Shirt - $59.92

Alp-n-Rock High Altitude Long Sleeve T-Shirt - The Alp-n-Rock High Altitude Long Sleeve Tee sets the tone for an extra layer when on the slopes and a current trendy look when worn as casual attire. The High Altitude Tee makes a statement, this is not you plain tee, step out of the box and wear a tee that looks great on with an original appeal. The quality and durability stands out in Alp-n-Rock apparel - this tee will with stand hard abuse of many times wearing it and hold up to its awesome appearance. . Material: Cotton blend, Category: Light-Weight, Bearing Grade: High Performance, Warranty: Other, Battery Heated: No, Closure Type: Pull Over, Wind Protection: No, Type: T-Shirt, Material: Cotton, Wicking Properties: No, Sleeve Type: Long Sleeve, Water Resistant: No, Model Year: 2013, Product ID: 274307, Model Number: MTN0000032 CHA 1 - $59.92