Alp-n-Rock Edelwiess L/S Womens T-Shirt - $134.39

Alp-n-Rock Edelwiess L/S Womens T-Shirt - Alp-n-Rock travels the world visiting and taking in the most beautiful and dreamy resorts as they transfer that feel into their apparel. One of the best-known European mountain flowers, The Edelweiss, belonging to the sunflower usually grows in inaccessible places, it is associated in many countries of the alpine region, the white color is considered a symbol of purity. Bringing attention to this pretty flower on Alp-n-Rock's Tee Shirt offers a great visual for you to show off. The exquisite detailing and original artwork presents a on of a kind tee that fits and shapes your frame in a flattering way. Warmth, comfort and style all packed in one awesome tee. . Material: Cotton blend, Category: Light-Weight, Warranty: Other, Battery Heated: No, Type: Tees, Material: Cotton, Type: Long Sleeve, Model Year: 2013, Product ID: 274278 - $134.39